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Elegant handmade journals, albums and cards made with 100% recycled and acid free papers

RETAILERS: We are confident that The Printed Page offers the most beautiful handmade albums, journals and paper products anywhere! Each book is covered with the finest silk and handmade papers and filled with 100% recycled and acid free pages, so that you can be confident that your memories and our planet will be protected. Please contact us for a wholesale price list.


Everything you ever wanted to learn and more about printmaking, book binding and paper making!

The studio is fully equipped for:

* intaglio and relief printmaking
* hand papermaking (we even have a Hollander beater!)
* book binding

In the past

Young children used to keep track with their day to day activities inside a hand crafted diary or possibly a hand crafted journal. Additionally, they used to take note of their particular secrets along with activities about these resources. They handled journals his or her confidants along with buddies. They used writing instruments as well as documents to convey the things they normally are unable to state aloud.

However, youngsters and also young adults just weren’t the one ones that appreciated creating in hand crafted diary and also hand crafted journal. Previously, the majority of men and women report their every day experiences as well.

They even stored photographs as well as essential paperwork on their hand crafted diary. This really is evident within the antique collectibles found in galleries and art galleries today.

Nevertheless, because of the technologies we have these days, handmade diary and hand crafted diary have left out. Laptops and digital notebooks took over. For a moment look around, you will see that very few individuals still make use of pen as well as paper with regard to writing down their own thoughts.

Most people prefer to kind on key boards and read using their computer displays. Even college students opt to maintain their information on an digital gadget instead of on a hand crafted journal. Nicely, who might blame all of them? Modern technology can make tasks simpler and quicker to accomplish. Conserving memos upon computers can also be more convenient. Almost anything is literally only a click away.

Thankfully, the hand crafted industry offers resurfaced; that is why hand crafted journal in addition to handmade journal have become well-liked once again. Increasing numbers of people are trying their finest to help save environmental surroundings. As much as possible, these people refrain from purchasing things that may contribute to the actual destruction associated with nature.

Therefore, they buy stuff that are made from reused materials rather. If you want to take part in this great cause as well as earn money simultaneously, you can start promoting handmade diary and hand crafted diary.Marketing from home, from fairs, as well as on the Internet. You just need to make sure that you obtain the necessary enables and paperwork before you start your own venture. You might also need to market nicely.

The old-fashioned method of keeping information, schedules, and phone numbers in note books is actually trendy. Therefore, you can be sure that individuals will thank you for handmade diary. A hand crafted diary additionally makes a excellent gift. The sensation of composing on hand crafted and reused paper is difficult to describe. There’s a sense of unity with character. An individual who creates on a hand crafted diary additionally gets the sense of travelling back in its history. Plus, she’s got a many ideas on how to get get rid of all her concerns and ideas on paper. Furthermore, a hand crafted journal is preferable to an electronic device because it may store essential information with regard to much longer. Computer systems may break up and shed everything kept in them.  Journals as well as journal catalogues is a way to record your thoughts and feelings and to get them into this world. the other day we had an office massage company visit printed page office and we all received a wonderful massage.