Picture Yourself…among the beautiful sights and sounds of Tuscany : Olive groves, vineyards, centuries-old buildings, winding streets, texture and vibrant sunlight, the very same that has inspired writers for centuries.

Feel Yourself…in the warm ambiance of Cortona, overlooking the Val di Chiana, originally fortified by the Umbrians, claimed by the Etruscans, touched by the Renaissance, almost unchanged for centuries, one of Tuscany’s jewels. Experience…

the joy of creating book forms in an inspiring and supportive environment along with visits to Siena and Florence. Enjoy…great Italian food, delightful wines, new friends, breath-taking vistas and the hospitality of the people of Tuscany.

Do you love books?

Have you ever wondered how they are put together? Why do cheap paperbacks fall apart? Why are some books still around after centuries? When is a book more than a stack of paper that is bundled together, but a piece of art worthy of the treasures you put inside it?

The handmade book offers limitless possibilities for the creative mind. Create your own elegant sketchbooks, journals or albums. Delve into the diversity of structures and decoration techniques in this week long book arts intensive.

Spend time filling up the pages of your books in the cafes, museums and countryside of Tuscany. Students will create a variety of historical book structures that have their roots in cultures around the world, from Japanese Stab Bindings to Egyptian Coptic books to German Casebound books to traditional Italian travel journals.

We will also experiment with newer book forms that lend themselves to elaborate decoration: elegant exposed spine binding techniques will be emphasized as well as the vast and varied promise of the concertina. Tuscany is center of the world for traditional paper marbling techniques. We will have the opportunity to look at local paper decoration and will use these papers in our own work.

Immerse yourself in the book arts and immerse yourself in Tuscany. You will come away from this class with a full understanding of tools, techniques and materials. You’ll also leave with several books and ideas for many more.  All are welcome to this class. No experience necessary.


Spring and Summer  Classes at The Printed Page!


The Printed Page offers a variety of printmaking, papermaking and book arts classes throughout the year.

to register for a class at The Printed Page, simply call AVA Gallery at 603-448-3117 .
Spring and Summer 2006 – Book Arts and Printmaking with Jessica Evans

Four Books in a Box
April 8
A one-day, 6-hour workshop
Saturday, 10:00am-4:00pm
T uition: $105/members; $120/non-members
Materials fee of $25 payable directly to the instructor.

Learn some fun bookbinding basics by creating four different books in just one class. We will explore various J apanese stab-binding techniques (sof t c over books elegantly sewn with waxed linen thread) and make a wrap-around box in which to store them. Class time will also be devoted to customizing your books in your own unique style. Use your new books as a collection of travel journals, sketch books, note pads, or give them as gifts. The possibilities are endless!

Monotype Printing Techniques
May 2- June 6
Six 3-hour classes
Tuesdays, 6:00-9:00pm
Tuition: $245/members; $260/non-members
Materials fee of $75 payable directly to instructor.

Have you wondered about printmaking but felt scared off by the involved processes and large equipment? Monotype printing can be an excellent introduction to printmaking as well as an enriching process to return to if you are already familiar with printing methods.

In this class we will make dozens of color and black and white prints as we explore a variety of techniques using drawing and painting skills and your imagination. Experiment with color mixing, creating printing plates, and surface manipulation processes. Come to class in clothes tha t c an get messy. Due to the materials used, this class is not recommended for pregnant women.

Introduction to Book Arts Weekend Intensive
June 3 & 4
A two-day 12-hour workshop
Saturday & Sunday, 10:00am-4:00pm
Tuition: $185/members; $200/non-members
Materials fee of $45 payable directly to  instructor.

Explore the enormous creative field of the book arts that encompasses traditional and non-traditional techniques for making handmade papers and beautiful book structures. It delves into the original methods for setting type by hand and varied means of printmaking. Studying the book arts is an enriching experience that probes into the history of the book and explores the creative process of taking the traditional book to the next level. On Saturday we will make beautiful papers by hand with exquisite fibers. On Sunday we will make several soft and hard cover books as you discover the many ways you can transform a book’s structure to serve a special purpose. then you will receive a Corporate Onsite massage from our local massage therapists.

July 8 – 15
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Book Arts from Toscana Americana